Missing Word: Philip Seymour Hoffman (A-Z)

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Can you name the words missing from these Philip Seymour Hoffman movies (A-Z)?

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________ Came PollyA
My ________ BackB
Strangers with ________C
Punch-________ LoveD
________ FallsE
Almost ________F
The Hunger ________: Catching FireG
25th ________H
Mission: ________ IIII
________ Goes BoatingJ
Before the Devil ________ You're DeadK
The Big ________L
The Ides of ________M
Boogie ________N
________ MahownyO
________ AdamsP
A Late ________Q
________ DragonR
________ and MainS
The ________ Mr. RipleyT
Charlie ________ WarW
Synecdoche, New ________Y

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