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Who, along with William Clark, explored the Louisiana Purchase territory from 1804 to 1806?
What city in Arkansas was the site of a 1957 forced school desegregation?
Whose affair with President Clinton led to his impeachment in 1998?
What town in Massachusetts was the site of the first shots fired during the American Revolution?
Which American poet and educator wrote the 1855 poem 'The Song of Hiawatha'?
Which abolitionist newspaper was founded by William Lloyd Garrison in 1831?
Which Republican was defeated in a landslide by FDR in the 1936 presidential election?
Which interest-bearing certificate was sold to finance the World War I effort?
What nickname was given to Texas to signify its status as a former independent republic?
Who served as queen of the Kingdom of Hawaii from 1891 to 1893?
What city in Massachusetts was known as the cradle of the Industrial Revolution in the U.S.?
Which collection of poetry was published by Walt Whitman in 1855?
What form of murder increased against African-Americans in the aftermath of the Civil War?
Which group of colonists, also known as Tories, remained committed to the British Empire during the Revolutionary War?
What nickname, popularized by Ernest Hemingway, was given to those who came of age during World War I?
Who commanded the Confederate Army during the Civil War?
Which act, signed by President Roosevelt in 1941 supplied Allied nations with materiel between 1941 and 1945?
Which Wisconsin governor and proponent of progressivism ran for President in 1912 and 1924?
What name was given to post-World War II housing developments built outside Philadelphia and New York?
Which political party's candidate for president in 1872 was Horace Greeley?

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