Harry Potter Before and After

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Can you name the Harry Potter before and after characters?

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Person 1Character PortmanteauPerson 2
Order of the Phoenix thiefHarry Potter's best female friend
Minister for Magic after ScrimgeourPotions master
Weasley owlWandmaker (last name only)
Voldemort's snakeAlchemist
Hogwarts caretakerHarry's love interest
Dark Arts teacher (Year 7)Co-founder of Hogwarts
DADA teacher (Year 5)Owner of the Elder Wand
Quidditch commentatorGryffindor Quidditch chaser
Draco's friendNarcissa Malfoy's sister
Harry's fatherHufflepuff student in Harry's year
Knight Bus conductorAlbus's mother
Female Slytherin studentGryffindor student in Harry's year
Romanced Harry with Chocolate CauldronsSon of Frank and Alice
Hufflepuff ghostDursleys' Squib neighbor
Shop owner at Diagon AlleyFinal Minister for Magic in the books

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