Strange Deaths to Composers

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Can you name the The composers who died in these strange ways??

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How they wentComposerYear
Was locked out of his house by his wife after going out with his mates and caught pneumonia1695
Crushed under a falling bookcase whilst reaching for a copy of the Talmud1888
Stung by a bumble bee and died from the poison in his blood1935
Stabbed himself in the foot with his conducting staff and died of gangrene1687
Went out for a cigarrette after the signing of the armistice. An American sniper didn't know the war was over and shot the small light in the dark1945
Drank a glass of unboiled water and died of cholorea. A suidice attempt to end his depression and to avoid a trial which would convict him of homosexuality or a mere mistake?1893

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