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The Viking got a new AX SET for Christmas
He gave DAVE AN apple
Watching him drive off the cliff, she said, 'O GONER'
All the kids WHINE about putting clothes in the HAMPERS
Adam spilled COLA right near the bedroom DOOR
The Titanic SANK AS the band played 'Nearer My God To Thee'
Sorry, we're all out of RYE bread. WONK wonk.
DARYL is a MAN you don't want to mess with
Many TEENS were SEEN in the park last Tuesday
Turn the DIAL FOR the code to be reset
The woodsmen built A HUT for shelter
Boiling water will give you STEAM IN NO time
The scoutmaster was AWARE and LED his troop out of danger
There was a beard on the CHIN of one of the MAGI
The person that identifies the most ICONS, WINS
WE can MIX three flavors and put it in a CONE
My Snorlax defeated KENS ABRA
She tried to get RID of the HOLE by filling it with SAND
Luke Skywalker TOOK DARTH Vader on AN adventure

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