Lady Gaga Yard Sale

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Can you name the Lady Gaga music video each object appears in?

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The prices given literally have no significance whatsoever. Pay no attention. (Does not include sales tax)
Collectible ObjectFrom the Music Video...
Motorcycle; $9,999
Mannequin; $785
Ice Cream Truck; $7,999
Hairless Cat; $1,093
Wii Nunchuk; $14.99
Apartment Building; $4,950,000
Umbrella; $24.99
Corn; $2 each
Diet Coke Can; $0.05
Inflatable Whale; $15
Machine Gun Bra; $49.99
Crown; $8,963
Blue Hair Dye; $14.99
Disco Stick; Priceless
Collectible ObjectFrom the Music Video...
Fake Heads; $1,895 each
Mermaid Tail; $497
Miracle Whip; $3.99
Gasoline container; $5.95
Unicorn; $197,643
Yellow Baby G Watch; $99.99
Saxophone; $875
Mounted Gazelles; $695 each
Vespa; $6,999
Lady Gaga Dollar Bill; $1.01
2006 Glasses; $7.99
Playing Cards; $4.95
Wheelchair; $6,400
Coffin; $1,199

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