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Dumbledore's Foe and Romantic Interest
Helped the Trio Break Into the Wizarding Bank to Get Hufflepuff's Cup
They run the wizarding bank.
The Wizarding Bank
Hagrid's Half-Brother
Fred's Twin (first name)
Village Where Harry's Parents Were Murdered
Here dwell the brave at heart, Their daring, nerve and chivalry Set them apart.
Voldemort's Grandfather (last name)
Plant That Allows One to Breathe and to Navigate More Easily Underwater When Eaten
Harry's Second Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor (first name)
One of Malfoy's Cronies
Marries Ron (last name)
Ron's Sister (first name)
Werewolf Who Bit Lupin (last name)
Ravenclaw Prefect (last name)
Teaches Care of Magical Creatures in Hagrid's Absence (last name)
This large creature lives in the Lake.
The Weasleys' garden is infested with these.
Water Demon That Attacks Fleur

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