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Hagrid's Boarhound
Teaches Charms
Centaur Who Briefly Teaches Divination
Lupin's Boggart
Three-Headed Dog Guarding the Philosopher's Stone
Dean's Best Friend (last name)
Sqib Residing in Little Whinging (last name)
Hufflepuff House Ghost
Owner of Diagon Alley Ice Cream Shop
Dumbledore's Phoenix
Minister of Magic During Harry's Earlier Years at Hogwarts (last name)
The Second Broom Model Harry Owns
Slimy, Toothless Creatures That Don't Do Much of Anything
Werewolf Who Bit Remus Lupin (first name)
Mr. Bryce or the Elder Mr. Longbottom
Triwizard Champion From Beauxbatons (first name)
George's Twin (first name)
Allows One to Travel From One Fireplace to Another
Crook and Order Member Who Neglects to Keep an Eye on Harry (last name)
Hogwarts Caretaker (last name)

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