The Shock Switch Experiment Logic Puzzle

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Can you name the prisoners who turned their switches on and the ones who left theirs off?

Updated Oct 29, 2013

How to Play
25 notorious criminals were paid to take part in a psychological experiment. They were all placed in individual rooms (arranged into the 5x5 grid seen below) and each one received a 'shock switch' that he/she could use to deliver an electrical shock to the other prisoners in his/ her row. Each prisoner had to choose whether to turn it ON or leave it OFF. Here's how it worked: if NONE of the prisoners in a row used the switch, then none of the prisoners in that row were shocked. If SOME (but not all) of the prisoners in a row used the switch, then a MODERATE shock was delivered to the prisoners who left their switches OFF. If ALL of the prisoners in a row used the switch, then a SEVERE shock was delivered to ALL of them. Use the clues to find out who turned their switches [ON], and who left their switches [OFF].

Amoral Amy

Bloody Blake

Carnivorous Carl

Deranged Derek

Evil Evelyn


Frightening Frank

Grungy Greg

Hellish Helen

Inhuman Ingrid

Judy Judas


Killer Kirsten

Licentious Larry

Murderin' Murphy

Noxious Norah

Outlaw Omar


Pernicious Percy

Rude Rudy

Scumbag Steve

Terrible Terrance

Unethical Umberto


Vicious Vincent

Wicked Winston

Mr. X

Yucky Yaakov

Zombie Zosia

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