Punch-Out! (Logic Puzzle)

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Can you name the Punch-Out boxers who were eliminated in each round, and the one who won the tournament?

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The WVBA (World Video Boxing Association) is holding a tournament, and all of your favorite fighters from the Punch Out franchise are participating. Your challenge is to identify who lost in Round 1 (type 'R1'), who lost in the Quarterfinals (type 'QF'), who lost in the Semifinals (type 'SF'), who lost in the Final Round (type 'F'), and who the tournament champion was (type 'W'). Note that if a boxer is referred to as a 'finalist', 'semifinalist' or 'quarterfinalist', it doesn't necessarily mean that he was eliminated in that round... only that he made it that far.

Glass Joe

Von Kaiser

Little Mac

Piston Honda


Don Flamenco

King Hippo

Great Tiger

Bald Bull


Soda Popinski

Super Macho Man

Mr. Sandman

Disco Kid


Bear Hugger

Aran Ryan

Piston Hurricane

Mike Tyson

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