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Can you name the answers to these history questions relating to the letter 'Z'?

Updated Jul 28, 2014

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Who was the king of the gods in Greek mythology?
Of which type of airship was the LZ 129 Hindenburg an example?
Which 1084 reference work covers 16 dynasties and 1363 years of Chinese history?
What name was given to an aristocratic landowner in pre-colonial India?
Which island nation united with Tanganyika to form Tanzania in 1964?
Which school of Buddhism originatied in 6th century China as Chán?
Which religion, based on the teachings of Zarathustra, first appeared around 600BC in Iran?
Who, in 1519, led the Protestant Reformation in German-speaking Switzerland?
Which Balkan city is first mentioned in 1094 at the founding of the diocese of Kaptol?
What was the first name of the 12th President of the USA?
After which Dutch province was a Pacific nation named in 1645?
Of which country was Kenneth Kaunda the first president upon independence in 1964?
Who was the last king of Judah before its destruction by Babylon?
Which Spanish city was made capital of the Kingdom of Aragon upon its capture in 1118?
During which Chinese dynasty, the longest in history, was the use of iron introduced to China?
Into which African Kingdom is Shaka credited with uniting many northern Nguni people?
Which Ethiopian Empress opposed the reforms of her successor, Haile Selassie?
Which massive Mesopotamian structures had a name meaning 'to build on a raised area?'
Which Mesoamerican civilisation founded and inhabited Monte Albán for over 1000 years?
Which country changed its name to the Democratic Republic of the Congo on 17th May 1997?

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