Which Happened First?

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Can you name the first of each pair of events to occur?

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Neil Armstrong walks on the moon.England wins the Football World Cup.
The UN is formed.NATO is formed.
King John signs the Magna Carta.The First Crusade begins.
Julius Caesar invades Britain.Claudius invades Britain.
The Russian Revolution begins.The French Revolution begins.
The television is invented.The radio is invented.
Rome hosts the Olympic Games.Tokyo hosts the Olympic Games.
World War I begins.The RMS Titanic sinks.
'Rain Man' wins Best Picture Oscar.'Chariots of Fire' wins Best Picture Oscar.
The United States declares independence.Ireland declares independence.
The coronation of Elizabeth II.Hillary and Norgay summit Mt. Everest.
The Battle of Trafalgar.The Battle of Waterloo.
Uranus is discovered.Neptune is discovered.
The first 'Doctor Who' episode airs.Matt Smith, the current 'Doctor,' is born.
The Xbox 360 is launched.The PlayStation 3 is launched.
Theodore Roosevelt becomes US President.Franklin D. Roosevelt becomes US President.
John Lennon is assassinated.Indira Gandhi is assassinated.
The American Civil War begins.The Irish Potato Famine kills 1 million people.
The first 'Rolling Stone' magazine is published.Brian Jones, founder member of the Rolling Stones, dies.
Disney's 'Sleeping Beauty' is first shown.Disney's 'Beauty and the Beast' is first shown.

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