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The purple frog is a species of frog that was discovered in this Asian country in 2003.
The Purple Heart is a military decoration awarded in the name of the president of this country.
In the Thai Solar Calendar, purple is associated with this day of the week.
This 'Star Trek' warrior race, known for their guttural language, have purple blood.
Purple needlegrass is the state grass of this
US State.
The Purple Line is a line on this US city's mostly elevated 'L' rapid transit network.
This superhero, who wears a skintight purple bodysuit, was the first to be shown wearing a mask with no visible pupils.
'Purple Haze' was a 1967 single released by this man's eponymous band.
Han purple is a Chinese pigment that was used to decorate the statues of this ancient monument.
In a 1955 book by Crockett Johnson, this young boy could create his own world by drawing it with his purple crayon.
The amethyst, birthstone for this month, is a purple variety of mineral quartz.
'The Purple People Eater' is a novelty song that reached #1 on this pop chart in 1958.
'Purple' was Apple's development codename for
this product.
Mace Windu is the only character to have a purple lightsaber in this sci-fi film series.
In the 1951 Disney film 'Alice in Wonderland,' this permanently-smiling character has pink and purple stripes.
The ancient Greeks called this modern-day country Phoinike, 'land of the purple,' as it produced a famous purple dye.
This Italian polymath believed that the power of meditation increases ten times when done in purple light.
This 'Scooby Doo' character, who always wears purple, usually plays a stereotypical 'damsel-in-distress' role.
During this 20th Century war, the Japanese military used a cryptographic machine codenamed 'Purple' by the US.
Tinky-Winky is a purple character from this
children's TV show.
Pearly purple is a colour in the Silver Swirls pack of crayons produced by this company.
The ceasefire line following this 1967 war was known as the Purple Line.
'The Color Purple' is a 1982 epistolary novel by this American woman.
It has been suggested that early bacteria may have used a purple pigment to undertake this process.
In this pub game, the 4-solid and 12-striped balls
are purple.
'Purple' was the second album released by this American rock band.
'Purple Rain' is the name of a song, album, and film, all made by/starring this man.
The Purple Gang was a predominantly Jewish Prohibition-era gang in this US city.
This children's TV character is an anthropomorphic Tyrannosaurus rex known as 'The Purple Dinosaur.'
The Purple Rain Protest was an anti-apartheid protest that took place in this South African city in 1989.
Thistle is a shade of purple that is associated with this UK country.
Purple Mountain, situated to the east of this Chinese city, is often found enveloped by mysterious purple clouds.
In this Empire, Gospel manuscripts were written in gold lettering on parchment that was dyed purple.
The characters 'Mr. Impossible' and 'Mr. Rush' in this man's 'Mr. Men' series are purple.
This widely eaten close relative of the potato has a fruit with a dark purple coloured skin.
In the academic dress system of this European country, the field of Divinity is represented by purple.
Deep Purple were once recognised by this record-tracking organisation as 'the globe's loudest band.'
In US politics, a 'purple state' is one equally balanced between 'blue' Democrats and this 'red' party.
This titular videogame dragon is small, purple, and has spines resembling a mohawk.
The Minnesota Vikings, a team who play this sport, are sometimes known as 'The Purple Pride.'

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