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Updated Nov 19, 2013

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Under which pen name is 19th century American author Samuel Clemens better known?
Who, in 1979, became the first female Prime Minister of the UK?
Which 'unsinkable' ship sank at 2.20 a.m on April 15th 1912?
Which 3rd century B.C Chinese collection of sculptures was discovered by local farmers in 1974?
Who was President of Yugoslavia from 1953 until his death in 1980?
Which Royal House ruled England from 1485-1603?
Which city, capital of the Aztec Empire, was founded on an island in Lake Texcoco in 1325?
Which country was formed when Tanganyika and Zanzibar united in 1964?
Which Australian island was known as Van Diemen's Land until 1824?
The location of which Homeric city eluded historians for centuries?
In 1923, which magazine became the first weekly news magazine in the US?
What was the US policy to give foreign aid to prevent nations from falling into the Soviet sphere?
The tomb of which Egyptian Pharaoh was discovered by Howard Carter in 1922?
Which Russian Marxist revolutionary was exiled from the Soviet Union in 1929?
Which US state was an independent republic from 1836-46?
Which Himalayan region was incorporated into the People's Republic of China in 1951?
Who was the Norse god of thunder and lightning?
At which 480 B.C battle did a Greek army of around 7,000 contest 100,000 Persians?
At which 1805 battle was Admiral Horatio Nelson fatally wounded?
What did Mughal emperor Shah Jahan build in memory of his third wife?

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