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Updated Dec 25, 2013

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Which Australian airline was founded on 16th November 1920?
What name was given to an official who supervised the state's treasury in ancient Rome?
What was the principal writing instrument from the 6th to the 19th century?
Who became the first emperor of unified China in 221 B.C?
What name is given to a hardwood shaft 6-9 feet long, commonly used as a mediƦval weapon?
Which city was the Philippines' capital from 1948-76, and is named after a former president?
Which North American city is the site where French settlers founded New France?
Near which settlement were the Dead Sea Scrolls discovered from 1947-55?
The first treatment of malaria using which antimalarial bark was made in 1631?
Which alliance was formed by Russia, Prussia, Austria and the UK in 1815?
The surname of which WWII Norwegian politician has become synonymous with traitor?
Who was the god of wind and knowledge, in Aztec mythology?
Which South African zebra subspecies became extinct in 1883?
For which Christian movement did William Penn found Pennsylvania as a safe haven?
Which blinding calcium compound is proposed to have been an ingredient of Greek fire?
Which borough of New York is believed to be named after Catherine of Braganza?
Who was Vice President of the US under George H. W. Bush?
In what would a mediƦval archer have stored his arrows?
What was the middle name of the sixth president of the US, son of the second president?
What became Peru's second official language in 1969?

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