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Frontman of U2.
Campaigns to end poverty.
Always wearing shades.
Hollywood actor.
Part of Danny Ocean's crew.
Portrayed Jason Bourne.
Nineteen Eighty-Four.
Winston Smith and Julia.
What was author called?
Roman Dictator.
Tried to invade Britain's shores.
Died on Ides of March.
A Crimean nurse.
Named after her place of birth.
Lady with the lamp.
Author, journalist.
British war-time officer.
Created James Bond.
Scientist and more.
Painted the Mona Lisa.
Wrote in mirror script.
One hundred metre sprint.
To Jamaica he belongs.
Pretty speedy name.
The Bard of Avon.
Elizabethan playwright.
Hamlet is by him.
Born as Weisz in Hungary.
Died from fatal punch.
Nobel Prize winner.
Physicist with wacky hair.
Declined Israel's lead.
Author of 'Hard Times.'
Horrified by class divide.
Wrote to spread the word.
The USA's first.
He could never tell a lie.
Martha was his wife.
Britain fought at sea.
Admiral on Victory.
Killed off Spanish coast.
Very peaceful man.
In India called Bapu.
Killed in '48.
This man had six wives.
Beheaded three, divorced two.
Katherine survived.
Russian cosmonaut.
The first man in outer space.
Flew in Vostok 1.
Lost at Waterloo.
Not as short as people think.
Came from Corsica.
Man from Italy.
Funded by the Spanish King.
Found Americas.
Power in the air.
Brother Orville on the ground.
Sixty second flight.
One of the Fab Four.
Yoko Ono was his love.
In New York he died.
Born as Temujin.
Leader of the Mongol hordes.
Bonded warring tribes.
Six-string prodigy.
In Led Zep he played guitar.
In The Yardbirds too.
Husband was Pierre.
With him she found radium.
Won the Nobel Prize.

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