Countries Missing First Letters - Clues

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Can you name the countries from the clues to what's left once the first letter has been removed?

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Letter + ClueCountryHint #
B + singer Newton-John01
B + surprised at precipitation02
C + large, Spanish, green primate03
C + Polynesian goddess04
C + possessed05
F + not coastal06
I + sprinted07
I + with reference to an area of ground08
J + one cooking container09
K + Irish singer10
L + European peninsula11
M + aged female sex cells12
M + boxer Muhammad13
M + politician Gore descends14
N + disgust at seeing Danish island15
N + path in Oregon16
N + regions of early anaesthetic17
O + male18
P + Middle-earth god19
Q + Zoroastrian concept of holy fire20
R + a titular movie fish21
R + excessive enthusiasm regarding oxygen22
S + adore South African intelligence agency23
S + agony24
S + minute opening in Georgia25

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