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Can you name the four-letter words that become five-letter words when each letter A-Z is added in front of them?

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BeforeWordAfter (+A-Z)
Small landmassPassage between rows of seats
Come ashore from a boatLacking taste
Small songbirdSuperman's alias
In good healthLive at; inhabit
Like a skeletonHard black timber
Having the power to do somethingAesop's tale
Amour, to a FrenchmanA German's 'hand shoe'
Murray or WarholConvenient to use
Assign a value toFeeling great anger
Drive out or expelPartake in a Medieval sports contest
Central part of a churchRogue; rascal
Compass directionSmallest in amount
Curved shapeMilitary walk
Greek war godBird nostrils
ChangePeriodic egg producer
Abbreviation meaning 'and others'Part of a flower
Middle Eastern countryFormer currency of said country
Produce and dischargeRefrain from exacting punishment
Caribbean islandDiving-related acronym
This placeThat place
Await conclusionTurn upside down
Acute feverImprecise
Prophetic significanceFemales
Cream guitarist ClaptonEnvironment lacking water
Eight for GermansLarge sailing boat
British riverFormer name of the DRC

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