Almost Money

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Can you name the five-letter words that fit the pattern _o_e_ (as in 'money')?

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Kate Moss or Naomi Campbell
A low power motorcycle
What a new, interesting idea is
Author of the Iliad and the Odyssey
12, or 13 if you're a baker
A small, unpleasant dwelling
Hitchhiker's Guide essential
Type of ancient manuscript
Not a consonant
Made by bees
French impressionist painter Claude
One with no hope of survival
With it comes responsibility
An entrance hall
Might be Halley's or Hale Bopp
A hundredth of a Ruble
Defunct British car manufacturer
Not drunk
James Bond actor Moore
One of the seven dwarfs
A Montague who loved a Capulet
David Bowie's real surname
A clay figure brought to life by magic
A group of witches
A pugilist or a dog breed
Of Babel or London
A traditional Alpine form of song
A particular edible fungus
The Eagles visited a Californian one

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