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Having a single set of chromosomes.
A single name by which a person is known.
Possessing the reproductive organs of both genders.
A lens used to correct vision for only one eye.
A long, uninterrupted utterance.
A single bend in an otherwise flat-lying strata.
An absolute ruler with infinite power.
A train that runs on only one track.
A simple sugar, such as glucose, with a single ring.
The custom of having only one wife.
The belief in a single god.
Existing in a single shape or form.
A single small molecule, e.g. an amino acid.
A lightweight stand with one leg.
Of or pertaining to a single phylum.
A black and white image.
A word consisting of a single sound.
A geological feature consisting of a single massive rock.
A type of white blood cell.
A galley with a single row of oars on each side.
A mathematical expression consisting of one term.
Only knowing a single language.
A mammal that lays eggs.
Having a single ring of atoms in the molecule.
Exclusive control over the sale of a product or service.
An outline sketch, before colour is added.
Twins that have developed from a single ovum.
The presence of only one chromosome of a pair.
Having only one testicle within the scrotum.
A poem mourning the death of someone.

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