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Can you name the 6-letter words that begin with the middle two letters of the previous word?

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The fifth prime number.
Develop over successive generations.
Golden _____, a term for pensioners.
You don't want to put this in a petrol car.
To get free, to free oneself.
You might play poker or blackjack here.
A reddish-brown colour, named after an Italian city.
To enter into conflict with an enemy.
A small screened structure used for outdoor entertaining.
A person who is fanatical and uncompromising in pursuit of their ideals.
A long-haired domesticated South American mammal.
Your mother or your father.
To relate details of an event or incident; to recount.
Any of various deciduous trees of the genus Populus.
Another name for the Big Dipper.
To get the better of; to outsmart.
There are this many months in a year.

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