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Can you name the answers to these statements about events that all took place on a Monday?

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Forced Order
Israel attacks its neighbours, beginning this short conflict.1967
This ocean liner sinks after colliding with an iceberg.1912
This ancient Inca settlement is discovered.1911
Hurricane Katrina hits this US city.2005
This former Beatle is assassinated in New York.1980
An unknown man stands up to a column of tanks in this city.1989
The first Rugby Union international is played between England and this nation.1871
Napoleon Bonaparte is exiled to this island.1814
This terrorist figurehead is reported killed in Pakistan.2011
Spencer Perceval is the first and only Prime Minister of this country to be assassinated.1812
The US drops an atomic bomb on this Japanese city.1945
This famous diarist goes into hiding in Amsterdam.1942
The Communist Manifesto, by Friedrich Engels and this man, is published.1848
Pol Pot renames this country Kampuchea.1976
Horatio Nelson is killed in this naval battle.1805
Passenger service opens on this underground rail link.1994
This man becomes Chancellor of Germany.1933
World War I ends on the eleventh day of this month.1918
The first Modern Olympic Games open in this city.1896
A nerve gas on this city's subway kills thirteen people.1995

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