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Can you name the 'H' themed answers to these historical questions?

Updated Jul 25, 2013

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Which Babylonian king is known for one of the first written codes of law?
Who was the shortest serving US President, spending only 32 days in office?
Which Japanese emperor died of cancer in 1989 after a 62-year reign?
Which Bronze Age people carved out an empire that included most of Asia Minor?
Which Greek city was the site of the Mausoleum of Mausolus, a Wonder of the World?
William of Normandy defeated Harold Godwinson in which 1066 battle?
What was returned to the Chinese in 1997, after a 99 year lease?
Which Egyptian pharaoh has a name meaning 'Foremost of Noble Ladies?'
Discovered in 1799, the Rosetta Stone allowed scholars to decipher which writing system?
Who was the Greek god of the underworld?
Which Roman fortification, started in AD 122, snakes 73 miles through northern England?
Which Greek hero carried out twelve labours as penance for the murder of his children?
Under which emperor did the Inca empire reach the height of its size and power?
Which Istanbul museum was converted from a cathedral to a mosque by the Ottomans?
Who was said to have a face that could launch a thousand ships?
Which airship caught fire and was destroyed in New Jersey in May 1937?
The B-29 bomber Enola Gay dropped an atomic bomb on which Japanese city?
Who became Chancellor of Germany on 30th January 1933?
Which English physician was the first to describe blood circulation in 1628?
Which Greek poet wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey?

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