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Can you name the two-word phrases, clued for below, that are formed by the removal of a letter from the first word?

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Letters can be removed from anywhere in the word.
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Half a quart of coloured substance.A
Soil that lacks taste.B
A pile of inexpensive material.C
A lord's wife reclined.D
A wizard's spell for the manufacture of boxes.E
A Frenchman's hat lacking its desires.F
Desiring a branded painkiller.G
What a helicopter might do to a drop zone.H
Damaging statements made against Sicilians.I
Mr. Murs is happy.J
Pierce a waste water conduit.K
A system of classes in a palace.L
An exchange of bogs.M
The end of a race in Helsinki or Turku.N
Mythological beasts belonging to soldiers.O
Show the passing of a baton a second time.P
Help given to Muslim chiefs.Q
Adam's scrunched hand.R
Pointy stringed instrument.S
That person's successor.T
An admired tree of the willow family.U
Two people singing under bedsheets.V
Adjust a certain hard timber.W
Baffles enemies.X
A low platform made of a grassland plant.Y
Indistinct animal feed.Z

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