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Updated Oct 25, 2013

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Which German city was controversially bombed by the Allies in February 1945?
Where was the most important oracle in ancient Greece situated?
In which US city was President John F. Kennedy assassinated?
On December 7, 1787, which US state became the first to ratify the US Constitution?
Which geological period directly followed the Silurian and preceded the Carboniferous?
What did Alfred Nobel receive a patent for in 1867?
Which country's royal family can trace its ancestry to 960 A.D, making it the oldest in the world?
Before his death, which English privateer vowed to return if ever his drum were beaten?
Which Persian king, noted for his administrative genius, was defeated at Marathon in 490 B.C?
Ceres, goddess of the harvest, is the Roman equivalent of which Greek goddess?
What was the nickname given to Erwin Rommel due to his prowess in north Africa?
Which Middle Eastern city is reputedly the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world?
Which British royal died in a car crash in Paris in August 1997?
What is the name given to a collection of 972 Hebrew texts found in modern-day Judea?
What is the more common name for Operation Neptune, the 1944 Normandy beach landings?
Who was the second king of the united Kingdom of Israel?
From which French city were almost 350,000 soldiers evacuated in 1940?
Which English naturalist formulated the theory of evolution by natural selection?
Who was the only British Prime Minister to have been born Jewish?
Which book did William I commission to assess the amount of land and goods owned in England?

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