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Can you name the words that contain each of the vowels a,e,i,o and u exactly once?

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DefinitionWord# Letters
Having equal ability in both hands12
To give someone permission; to sanction or consent9
An annual white variety of cabbage11
A conversation between two or more individuals8
The process of imparting knowledge, skill and judgement9
An assertion that two expressions have the same value8
Pertaining to cells containing membrane-bound nuclei10
A state of intense happines8
One thousand million joules9
Doing something that has never been done before14
To introduce a vaccine into the body9
The periodic discharging of the uterine lining12
A country in southern Africa10
An outburst; loud, riotous uproar11
An extinct marine reptile from the Jurrasic or Cretaceous period10
An inflammation of the lungs9
Dangerously insecure or unstable10
____ arthritis, a disease in which the immune system attacks the joints10
A coniferous evergreen tree, native to California7
Radiation with wavelengths of 380-10μm11

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