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In which book would you find a Hefalump?
'Workers of the world, unite!' is the last line of which work?
Who wrote the Booker Prize winning novel The Life of Pi?
Which of Alexandre Dumas' 'Three Musketeers' real identity is Comte de la Fère?
Which titular car was driven by Commander Caractacus Potts?
Which Shakespeare play is also known as 'What You Will?'
In E.M. Forster's 'Room With A View,' which city could they not view?
In which language did Vladimir Nabokov write Lolita?
Which detective had a landlady called Mrs. Hudson?
Which 1949 novel begins 'It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen?'
How many lines are there in a sonnet?
Don Diego de la Vega is the secret identity of which hero?
What is the name of Long John Silver’s parrot?
In which novel does an alien invasion commence in Woking, England?
In the title of a Shakespeare play, who are Valentine and Proteus?
In which George Bernard Shaw play are Professor Henry Higgins and Eliza Doolittle central characters?
Which novel title translated means 'no place' or 'place that does not exist'?
Which fictional Count's real name is Edmond Dantès?
What was the name of Captain Nemo's submarine in Jules Verne's novel?
Which poet wrote the Canterbury Tales?
Who was Ebenezer Scrooge's deceased partner in 'A Christmas Carol?'
Who created the fictional town of Middlemarch?
In which novel would you find the exceedingly strong drink called the 'Pan-galactic Gargle Blaster?'
In which Jane Austen novel do the Bennet family appear?
Which mythological figure 'Shrugged' in the title of an Ayn Rand novel?
What is the first name of Agatha Christie's Miss Marple?
Who created Noddy?
Who is the title hobbit in 'The Hobbit?'
Which author used the pseudonyms Isaac Bickerstaffe and Lemuel Gulliver among others?
In which series of novels would you find the city of Ankh-Morpork?
What is the name of the sequel to John Milton's 'Paradise Lost?'
In which novel does the character Major Major Major Major appear?
Who went on a circumnavigation of the world from the Reform Club as the result of a bet?
Which Ray Bradbury novel opens 'It was a pleasure to burn?'
Which novel was subtitled 'The Modern Prometheus?'
Who wrote the Twilight series of novels?
Who wrote the short story 'I, Robot' in 1950?
Who lived the last few years of his life in Paris under the pseudonym 'Sebastian Melmoth'?
In the Harry Potter novels, as whom did Tom Riddle become infamous?
Who is the chief protagonist in John Buchan's The 39 Steps?
What do Dickens' 'Mystery of Edwin Drood' and Tolkien's 'Silmarillion' have in common?
How are the sisters Jo, Meg, Beth, and Amy collectively known?
At what age do Adrian Mole's diaries start?
How is David John Cornwell better known?
Which novel takes place in the Year of Our Ford 632?
Who taught children to fly using 'lovely thoughts' and fairy dust?
Which John Steinbeck novel centres on the characters George and Lennie?
In which fictional country is the castle of Zenda to be found?
How many syllables are there in a haiku?
What real-life Soviet organisation is James Bond's nemesis in the early novels?

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