Eutherian Taxonomy

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Shrewlike African Mammals- Order
Terecs/Otter Shrew- Family
Golden Moles- Family
Hedgehogs/Gymnures- Order
Hedgehogs/Gymnures- Family
Shrew/Moles- Order
Caribbean Family
Shrew- Family
Masked/Common Shrew
Southeastern Shrew
smokey shrew
N. short-tailed shrew
S. short-tailed shrew
Least shrew
Moles- Family
Hairy-tailed mole
Eastern Mole
Star Nosed Mole
Elephant Shrew/sengis- Order
Elephant Shrew/sengis- Family
Tree Shrew- Order
Flying lemurs- Order
Elephant/Mammoth/Mastadon- Order
African bush elephant
African forest elephant
Asian Elephant
Hyrax- Order
Dugong/Manatee- Order
Manatee- Family
Dugong- Famliy
Armadillos/Sloths/Anteaters- Order
Armadillos- Suborder
Armadillos- Family
Sloth/Anteater- Suborder
3-toed sloth- Family
2-toed sloth- Family
Anteater- Family
9 banded armadillo
Manis- Order
Manis- Family
Old world Primates- suborder
New/old world Primates- suborder
Aye-aye- Family
Lorises/Pottos- Family
Bushbabies- Family
Lemurs- family
sporting lemurs- family
dwarf lemurs- family
wooly lemurs/indris- family
Tarsiers- Family
squirrel monkey- family
Marmosets/tamarins- family
Old world monkeys(Macaques, ect)- family
Gibbon/siamang- family
Humans/chimps/gorilla- Family
Gorilla- genera
Bonobo/chimp- genera
Orang utan- genera
Human- genera

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