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All the characters of Vampire DiariesFirst and Last Names
She is a main character who dated/dates one of the other main characters (human)
He is a main character who dated the other main character (old vampire)
The other main man character, brother of the other main man character (old vampire)
Main woman characters brother (human)
#1's best friend (witch)
Blonde friend (human to vampire)
#1's ex boyfriend, #6's current/ex boyfriend (human)
Dead mayors son (new werewolf)
#1 and #4's aunt/guardian (human)
High School History Teacher/Vampire tracker/# 9's boyfriend (human)
#6's mother/ Town sheriff (human)
Fling with #4, dead/ tomb vampire
All the characters of Vampire DiariesFirst and Last Names
#7's brother, became vampire, dead (human to Vampire)
#8's uncle/dead (Werewolf)
#1 and #4's evil uncle
Newsman/ #9's ex boyfriend (human)
Evil Vampire/ was with the main brothers in 1864/heartless
#12's mom (tomb Vampire)
#1's biological mother, (human to vampire)
One of the Originals (trying to kill/kidnap #1
Has a thing with #3/ very old vampire
Connection with #5 (witch) dad is connected with the originals and they trick #5 to get to #1
Roses informational friend (vampire) was killed by a vampire

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