Memoirs of a Geisha Novel - Part I

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Who wrote Memoirs of a Geisha?
What is the protagonist's FULL name at the beginning of the novel?
What is the protagonist's FULL name at the end of the novel?
Which village was the protagonist born in?
What is the name of the protagonist's biological sister?
Which geisha district is the protagonist brought to?
Who buys the protagonist's mizuage?
How much did he pay for it?
What is the name of the geisha who is jealous of the protagonist?
What did she often say the protagonist smelled like?
What is Pumpkin's geisha name?
Who trained the protagonist to become a geisha?
Who was the protagonist's first danna?
Which war is taking place for most of the novel?
Who is the protagonist in love with?
Who wants to become the protagonist's danna?
Which tearoom is most highly regarded in the novel?
What is the name of the woman who answers the telephone at the okiya where the protagonist lives?
What is the protagonist accused of stealing when she was young?
What did the Baron give the protagonist when she visited his estate?

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