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Who was famous writer and lecturer that popularized transcendentalism?
What type of common female occupation was not respectable?
Name the two people who created milling machines that could grind parts to the required specifications?
What canal was the most famous during this era?
What was the first city that created the first sewer system?
To demonstrate it commitment to the improvement of inter regional transportation, who did the federal government fund to?
Who had first demonstrated the commercial feasibility of steamboats?
11. What system made repairing a gun much easier?
Question Answer
To attract young women to work, what type of wages did lowell offer?
In textile mills, how many male overseers were placed on each floor to make sure the pace was maintained?
What is the nation's largest seaport?
What was the name of the first bot that sailed to New York?
What was the first division of labor?
By 1850, the original Lowell workforce of New England were replaced by what type of immigrants?
What was the name of the standard housekeeping guide for a generation of middle-class American women?

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