The Expansion and Limits of Suffrage

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Abigail Adams and ____________ were famous for their ability to provide the social setting in which there husbands could quietly conduct political business?
What organization installed the country's first steam-powered press?
The ________ Constitution of 1802 denied new western states the right to vote, to hold public office, and to testify against white men in court cases.
Which state did Henry Clay represent in the election?
When Adams named Clay his secretary of state, Jackson's supporters accused them of a '_____________'
Name the five New England states that were able to free African American men vote befor 1865.
What was the assumption that African Americans were a different and less capable people?
Out of the five candidates that ran for president in the elections of 1825, who got chosen?
As more states entered the Union, laws excluding African American men from voting _____________.
How many new states west of the Appalachians entered the Union between 1800 and 1840?
Who was Monroe's secretary of war?
Which war was an important impetus to change in many states, for the propertyless men called up for militia service?
What party was most closely aligned with the slave South?
Presidential electors were now elected by _______ vote.
Free African American men were denied the vote in the Northern and ___________ states.

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