warrior cats/clans

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Can you name the warrior cats/clans?

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Good clan of dead cats
Bad clan of dead cats
Lost clan
Clan in the forest
Clan from the moor
Clan by the river
Clan near the marshlands
Scourge once lead this clan
The ancient striped clan
The ancient spotted clan
The ancient clan with manes
The fire that saved the clans
The cat who first found Rusty
Firepaw and graypaw helped him escape from thunderclan
A loner that helped a few cats after they were attacked by rats
Cat that wanted revenge against a leader of Thunderclan
Cat who vows to be the grouchiest elder
Jaypaw's mentor
Yellowfang's apprentice
Brambleclaw's mate
Tigerstar's first son
Thunderclan's most recent medicine cat
The cat who was thought to be dead
He fell in love with heathertail
The third cat with the power of the stars
Whitewing's other daughter
Lost the use of her hind legs

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