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I forgive you. I only hope my _______ will feel the same.
Well, don't dig to deep or you might get burnt by the _____ _____!
What song did The Cable Guy sing at Steven's party?
During the 'Medieval Times' dinner scene, Jim Carrey imitates the sequence from...
The Cable Guy uses what fictional character as an alias
What a place for an ending, huh? It's like that movie _______
I got you the big screen TV, deluxe karaoke machine, and THX quality sound that would make George Lucas ______ __ ___ _____
What do you mean it was your treat? You know, I bought this time. You buy next time... Don't let your eggs _____ _____ .
Why couldn't Steven come to the door right away when The Cable Guy came to install his cable?
Suit yourself. No sweat off my sac. Oh by the way, you might wanna put on a bathing suit 'cause you'll be ______ ______ in no time!
You know what the trouble about real life is? There's no _______ music
Who is on trial for murder during the movie?
The Cable Guy's firts alias comes from what show
What is the first alias the Cable Guy uses
The pass word is _______
Free cable is the ultimate _______
He who hesitates _______
What are you talking about? We're not friends. I don't even know you. CABLE GUY:Well let's change that. Let me buy you a ________ .
Don't you understand, Steven? Somebody has to kill the _________.
What is the name of the main character
what was the last alias The Cable Guy uses??

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