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Finish the quoteAnswerPerson Quoted
'Is that one of those edible ______'Michael Ogle
'Dux dont mean no ____'Jonathan Wallis
'The ____ water'Michael Ogle
'I dont look like _____ _____'Jono Sorley
'I'm an ______'Elliot Gibbins
'They've got __________'Sam Macaulay
'____ Rooooooojjaaaaaassss!'Jonathan Wallis
'My mountain is the ______ _____'Sam Macaulay
'There's no such thing as _______ too early'Sam Macaulay
'I'm goin to ___ I've got work in the morning'James Swan
'They've got __________'Zac Dalloway
'I want some _____'Zac Dalloway
'_______ favours the wise'Jono Sorley
'Wee wee ________'Everyone
'Are you ______ ****'Ross Howard
'Do you get yours _______'William Phillips
'I just dont rate the buns from _____ ______'Jonathan Sorley
'Go back to your __________ jonz'Ross Howard
'Keen to go rent out _______ ____ ________'Jono Sorley
'I dont see _________ as a con'Sam Macaulay
'Keep it in your ____ bro'Ross Howard
Finish the quoteAnswerPerson Quoted
'I'm going to ______'Hamish McMecking
'Are you for _________'Ross Howard
'**** I forgot her ____'Hamish McMecking
'Gc good _____'William Phillips
'Keen to watch ____ __ ____ __ ___ ____'James Swan
'Silence of the Lambs? ___ showed that to when I was seven.Zac Dalloway
'I've got my best mates _______ _____'Ross Howard
'This _____ just doesn't look that good'Jono Sorley (daily)
'An hour is always an ____'Elliot Gibbins
'Simon Doull he's there for ___ ____'Jonathin wallis
'My lips are like a _____'Ross Howard
'Take off your **** _______'Elliot Gibbons (text)
'Sixteen million eight hundred _______'William Phillips
'They've got an ____'Ross Howard
'It would be funny if a husband and wife had the same ____ ____'James Swan
'Bro.. you can finish my speights... _____ __Hamish McMecking
'Coz we da ____'Jptozz & Macattack
'I like ____'James Swan
'Hagen in the garden in the ____'Michael Ogle
'Man it'd be gay to have to wait a ___ for your birthdayRoss Howard
'We cant go to _____ __ Vb'Jonathan Wallis

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