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what was the new orientation toward humanity, combined with a revived interest in classical learning and literature
What message did 'The art of dying well' and 'the triumph of death' give?
what painting style emphasized abstract decorative qualities and a love of applied gold and brilliant colors?
tableaux vivants
what war erupted from 1337-1453?
who and when was the artist for the madonna and child?
where did the two popes side?
what are tooled designs in gold leaf on the haloes?
what was the back of the maesta altarpiece dedicated to?
Who created the plan for the Florence Cathedral in 1294?
what was cimabue's real name?
who built the tabernacle? when?
where did giotto work to decorate a family chapel in 1305?
What did Andrea Pisano make?
where was Michelangelo's David one stand in front of?
where is the Tabernacle held at?
whos achievement was his ability to model form with color?
who painted the virgin and child enthroned in 1310?
what was characterized by dramatic pathos and complex iconography?
another name for the florence cathedral?
a covered open-air gallery
what is the lower part of an altar piece called?
gray monochrome
who made the 'life of john the baptist'
who painted the virgin and child enthroned in 1280?
Who made the virgin and child in majesty held in the maestra altarpiece?
Who are the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse?

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