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Cause of DeathVillainFilm
Shot in the chest by Camille.Quantum of Solace
Shot with poison dart gun and forced into outer space by Bond.Moonraker
SurvivesOn Her Majesty's Secret Service
Shot in below the right leg and arrested, but survives.Casino Royale
Forced into path of Sea-Vac remote controlled drill by Bond and shredded into bits.Tomorrow Never Dies
Remains at large.Quantum of Solace
SurvivesYou Only Live Twice
Arrested; executed by Pushkin's government.The Living Daylights
Dropped by Bond down from radar dish, framework drops on top of him after.Goldeneye
Shot four times through tube under his dining table and above table by Bond.The Spy Who Loved Me
While attempting to jump on top of Octopussy's circus train, he knocks down three border guards, leading them to shoot him repeatedly in the back with machine guns.Octopussy
Gets dropped down a chimney by Bond.For Your Eyes Only
Shot in the chest by Tatiana Romanova.From Russia With Love
SurvivesFrom Russia With Love
Bond pulls the cord on his parachute, sucking him (and his suit) into a plane engine and shredding him to bits.Die Another Day
Impaled by a uranium rod shot out of the sub's core at high speed by Bond.The World Is Not Enough
Cause of DeathVillainFilm
Left by Bond in the middle of the Bolivian desert, shot twice in the back of the head by an unidentified Quantum agent.Quantum of Solace
Dies in fiery plane crash into a mountain thanks to Bond.Octopussy
Forced to swallow shark gun bullet by Bond, then he inflates and explodes.Live & Let Die
Shot by Bond after she almost killed Bond.The World Is Not Enough
Plummets from top of Golden Gate Bridge.A View to a Kill
Shot in the head by Mr. White.Casino Royale
Lowered into his own reactor coolant and boiled to death. Unable to escape due to metal hands.Dr. No
Shot in the back with a harpoon from a speargun by his mistress, Domino.Thunderball
Gasoline-soaked body set aflame by Bond, then blown up.License to Kill
Shot in the heart by Bond in the Hall of Mirrors.The Man With the Golden Gun
Bond activates a bomb disguised as a key chain, dropping a bust of Wellington on ______, crushing him.The Living Daylights
SurvivesDiamonds are Forever
Stabbed in the back with throwing knife by Milos Columbo.For Your Eyes Only
Sucked out of a depressurizing plane through a shattered window.Goldfinger

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