Gimme Five: Greek Gods

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Can you name the Greek gods and heroes based on these 5 word descriptions?

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Five WordsGod or Hero
Seasons, Pomegranate, Daughter, Abduction, Queen
Love, Shell, Foam, Cyprus, Beauty
Mysteries, Wheat, Harvest, Mother, Agriculture
Moon, Huntress, Stag, Forest, Bow
Fleece, Dragon, Medea, Argo, Colchis
Earthquake, Horses, Trident, Sea, Atlantis
Blacksmith, Fire, Hammer, Volcanoes, Forge
Cerberus, Underworld, Riches, Charon, Invisibility
Sirens, Troy, Ithaca, Nobody, Circe
Peacock, Consort, Marriage, Queen, Jealousy
Music, Sun, Lyre, Python, Oracle
Warrior, Troy, Heel, Styx, Hector
Wine, Satyr, Ecstasy, Silenus, Frenzy
Guide, Winged, Pan, Sandals, Messenger
Strength, Hydra, Stymphalian, Labours, Nemean
Owl, Athens, Aegis, Parthenon, Wisdom
Eagle, Thunderbolt, Olympia, Sky, King
Violence, Helmet, Phobos, War, Spear
Thread, Athens, Labyrinth, Minotaur, Hippolyta
Reflection, Andromeda, Witches, Medusa, Pegasus

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