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What is the name of Lake Geneva in French?
What is the fourth official languages of Switzerland (in addition to German, French and Italian)?
What is the most recent canton to be added to the Swiss Confederation?
What Swiss city has live bears in the center of town?
In what language was the Confederate Charter of 1291 written?
When did Switzerland acquire its 4th official language?
Which of the following was not born in Switzerland: Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Friedrich Durrenmatt, Le Corbusier, Voltaire, Roger Federer, William Tell
A world famous jazz festival takes place in what Swiss city?
The Swiss policy of neutrality dates to what year?
What daughter of Elm was named Swiss Sportswoman of the (20th) Century?
Who conquered Switzerland in 1797?
What is the last year in which armed conflict took place on Swiss soil?

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