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To be found or available in a large amount or number
to combine into a whole or mass; unify
to tear down; take apart
someone who assumes the financial risk of beginning and operating one or several businesses
so many as to be impossible to count
an animal or plant that lives on or in another organism and draws sustenance from it
emitting heat or rays of light
to put in good condition by repairing, remodeling, or the like; refurbish.
in a vertical position
difficult to control; willfully disobedient
syn. wayward
ant wayward
syn upright
ant upright
syn renovate
syn radiant
ant radiant
syn innumerable
ant innumerable
syn entrepreneur
ant entrepreneur
syn dismantle
ant dismantle
syn consolidate
syn abound
syn 2 abound
syn 3 abound
syn 2 consolidate
syn 3 consolidate
syn 4 consolidate
syn 5 consolidate
syn 6 consolidate
ant 2 dismantle
ant 3 dismantle
syn 2 innumerable
syn 2 radiant
syn 3 radiant
syn 4 radiant
syn 5 radiant
syn 6 radiant
syn 7 radiant
ant 2 radiant
syn 2 renovate
syn 3 renovate
syn 2 upright
syn 3 upright
syn 4 upright
ant 2 upright
syn 2 wayward
syn 3 wayward
syn 4 wayward
ant 2 wayward

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