Phineas and Ferb Season 1 episodes based on Big Ideas

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Can you name the Phineas and Ferb Season 1 episodes based on Big Ideas?

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Big IdeaEpisode
The Flying Car of the Future-Today
Building robot duplicates of themselves
Becoming one hit wonders
Retrieving a CD
Searching for pirate treasure
Helping Djanjo paint the Unpainted Desert
Building the world's largest bowling ball
Racing chariots
Creating The F Games
Building a giant roller rink
Creating a fake Bigfoot
Building a transporter
Discovering a frozen caveman
Creating a platypus monster
Going into space to look at a star
Remodeling their old tree houses
Building a haunted house
Helping Buford find his lost goldfish
Combining summer and winter
Starting their own circus
Creating a new clothing line
Organizing their mom's birthday party
Directing a movie
Big IdeaEpisode
Rescuing Candace after she gets stuck on Mars
Carving Candace's face into Mount Rushmore
Creating a huge ice cream dish
Creating a toy based on Perry the Platypus
Creating a Rainbow-inator
Going inside Candace's body
Reuniting the band Love Handel
Building a portal to Mars
Building an observatory
Creating their own cartoon
Monster Truck
Doing nothing
Driving cattle through the city
Entering a jousting tournament
Discovering a mummy
Helping their grandfather complete a stunt
Backyard Beach
Going on a secret mission
Designing a golf course
Thumb wrestling
Repairing a time machine
Building a water slide in their backyard

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