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City in Washington's MLB team
NBA-bears from Tennessee
Dark birds from Illinois-NHL
MLB team in AL west from 2nd largest state in USA
NFL-these people came over by boat long ago to America (before pilgrims)
Big people from San francisco-MLB
This NHL team from Canada has bad grammar
These are common in the Carolinas- NHL
NHL-Big carnivore fish
Oakland team in the NFL
NHL team in Edmonton
NFL-Team from St Louis
Carmello Anthony, Colorado, NBA
Detroit team-MLB
Airplanes from New York-NFL
City in New York is an animal-NHL
City and team name are animals-NFL
San Diego team in NFL
NBA team from Arizona
If you like these guys, you hate the Yankees
NBA team in Northwest Conference-Oregon
Home of the 2010 winter Olympics
MLB-used to be from Brooklyn...
Socks in Chicago
Only team from Ottawa
MLB- National League New York team
Newest team in the NBA
NBA- birds from Georgia
MLB team from Houston
NFL team in Tennessee
MLB-Named from mountains
NHL-fits with the Oklahoma City Thunder
Capital of Colorado. NFL team
MLB-From Ohio, name is a color
They don't get along well with the Los Angeles Angels-NHL
NBA team from Los Angeles-WHICH ONE???
Fear the deer-NBA
AARGH Matey!!!-NFL
NFL- USA national bird
NBA team in Michigan
Only team from Utah
Only MLB team in Canada
Washington is the ___________ of the USA
Wayne Gretzky
NHL-5 pointed shape
If you like these guys, you hate the Red Sox
Native Americans from Cleveland
Dwight Howard
NHL-Los Angeles team
MLB-Baby bears
Native Americans from Washington DC
Bears from Massachusetts-NHL
MLB-People from Heaven
MLB team from Maryland
Lebron James
2009 NBA Champions
NHL-just a color in their name
Two states combine to form this NFL team. They are also big black cats
Leader of an Indian tribe-NFL
Georgia's capital NHL team
Tony Romo
In Nashville, the prey is hunted by the ______________
Newest MLB team- from Montreal Expos
NHL-something hot
Only team without a state or city in name
Tigers from Ohio-NFL
Only NBA team from Canada
NBA team from California's capital
MLB-type of snake in Arizona
New York NHL team-WHICH ONE???
Little brother Manning
MLB- Sea animals from a bay in Florida
This NFL team had no wins in 2008
Big brother Manning
NBA team from Minnesota
Big black cats from Florida-NHL
Ohio's capital-NHL
Detroit NHL team
NFL team in Pittsburgh
Red birds from Missouri-MLB
NFL-Capital of Georgia's team
New York NHL team-WHICH ONE???
NHL team from Minnesota
2009-2010 NFL champions
NBA team from the largest city in Texas
NFL- birds from Maryland
AARGH Matey!!!-MLB
2009-2010 worst team in NBA
NFL-team whose name is just a color
NBA team from New York
State starts with 'I'. NBA
2008 NBA Champions
Lions and tigers and _______,oh my!
NBA team- similar to bees
NBA- big cats in Southeast Conference
NFL-people from Texas
NBA team from a place with a lot of HEAT
NHL team in Philadelphia
NFL-birds from the ocean
Harry Potter would play for this NBA team. Or the magic I guess...
MLB-Big fish from Florida
NFL-team has a number in it
MLB-Capital of Georgia's team
Michael Jordan
From California. Often expressed as a one letter team
MLB- team from San Diego
If you live in Canada you can play for this team
When climbing mountains one should beware of a(n) _________________
MLB-Two brothers or sisters born at the same time
Yao Ming
Number in name- NBA
MY favorite team (they're in New England)
Live in Antarctica... or in Pittsburgh
NFL-City in Florida. Big cats
MLB-Team from Missouri in AL Central
Red birds from Arizona
Cute fish from Florida (but they're not really fish)
NBA- Big city in Texas begins with San...

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