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Definition Terminology Sport
Timer that a team must shoot before or they will lose possession Basketball
Sand area- don't want to hit in it Golf
Trophy won by NHL championsHockey
Area cars go to fuel up and make adjustmentsNASCAR
Perfect score- all strikesBowling
Most famous bike race- takes place in FranceBiking
Knock down all the pins, but not in one shotBowling
Option for team instead of kicking an extra pointFootball
Team has this when an opposing player is sent to penalty boxHockey
A common move used to set up the ball for another playerVolleyball
On a serve, when the ball hits the net and goes overTennis
When a defensive player tackles the quarterbackFootball
Main part of lacrosse stick- long pipeLacrosse
Hole that balls go into Billiards/Pool
Glass back of a basketball hoopBasketball
Definition Terminology Sport
Name of throw used at start of game and after a team scoresUltimate (Frisbee)
1 over par Golf
When a player scores three goals in one gameHockey/Soccer
Serve that is not touched by opposing playerTennis
Awarded to team when a player is fouled in penalty boxSoccer
Area that boxers fight inBoxing
Big U shaped ramp skaters and snowboarders useSkateboarding/Snowboarding
Term for 2nd place in a horse raceHorse Racing
A referee in baseball Baseball
Place where the relief pitchers warm up before entering the gameBaseball
Center if the board- most pointsDarts
Arc just above penalty box Soccer
When a player is fouled, he/she shoots theseBasketball
Pitcher pitches 4 ballsBaseball
Object hit back and forth over the netBadminton

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