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Definition Terminology Sport
On a serve, when the ball hits the net and goes overTennis
Awarded to team when a player is fouled in penalty boxSoccer
Sand area- don't want to hit in it Golf
Knock down all the pins, but not in one shotBowling
When a player scores three goals in one gameHockey/Soccer
Serve that is not touched by opposing playerTennis
Term for 2nd place in a horse raceHorse Racing
Main part of lacrosse stick- long pipeLacrosse
Option for team instead of kicking an extra pointFootball
Most famous bike race- takes place in FranceBiking
Big U shaped ramp skaters and snowboarders useSkateboarding/Snowboarding
Object hit back and forth over the netBadminton
When a player is fouled, he/she shoots theseBasketball
A referee in baseball Baseball
Timer that a team must shoot before or they will lose possession Basketball
Definition Terminology Sport
Name of throw used at start of game and after a team scoresUltimate (Frisbee)
1 over par Golf
When a defensive player tackles the quarterbackFootball
A common move used to set up the ball for another playerVolleyball
Glass back of a basketball hoopBasketball
Area that boxers fight inBoxing
Center if the board- most pointsDarts
Area cars go to fuel up and make adjustmentsNASCAR
Place where the relief pitchers warm up before entering the gameBaseball
Perfect score- all strikesBowling
Arc just above penalty box Soccer
Pitcher pitches 4 ballsBaseball
Trophy won by NHL championsHockey
Team has this when an opposing player is sent to penalty boxHockey
Hole that balls go into Billiards/Pool

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