Zelda Bosses by In Game Description/Title

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Can you name the Zelda Bosses by In Game Description?

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Twilit Fossil
Masked Jungle Warrior
Plant Nightmare
The Great Arbiter
Subterranean Lava Dragon
Gargantuan Masked Fish
Bane of Courage
Bio-Electric Anemone
Parasitic Armored Arachnid
Armored Colossus
Master of Fire
Ancient Demon
Twilit Arachnid
Ganon's Puppet
Ancient Stone Soldier
Giant Masked Insect
Barbed Menace
The Infernal Dinosaur
Demon Lord
Twilit Dragon
Dark Beast
Armored Lizard
Master of Icy Fire
Stirrer of the Winds
Twilit Aquatic
Usurper King
Ancient Automaton
Dark Lord
Lava Lord
Giant Aquatic Amoeba
Twilit Igniter
Great Spirit of the Skies
Evil Phantom
Evil Spirit from Beyond
Two-Headed Dragon
Thousand-Year Old Arachnid
Ocular Parasite
Great King of Evil
Sorceress Sisters
Twilit Parasite
Demon King
Abysmal Leviathan
Master Flame
Ice Monster
Pyroclastic Fiend
Phantom Shadow Beast
Masked Mechanical Monster
Twilit Ice Mass

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