Men of Troy

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What is the best thing about Troy?
Which Mentalist actor appears briefly?
How many fit men are there?
What is the name of Achilles' adorable/annoying cousin?
What is Orlando Bloom's favourite vegetable?
How many naked scenes are there?
Which word best describes the film?
Which creature was endagered during the filming of Troy?
What is there too much of?
Which country is Brad Pitt banned from?
Who does the overdramatic voiceover at the beginning?
Which God does Achilles 'defile'?
QuestionAnswerExtra Stuff
How many men with beards are there?
What is the most commonly worn material?
Which highschool did Brad Pitt graduate from?
How many times does Achilles shout Hector's name at the gates of Troy?
In which theme song is Orlando Bloom name checked?
How many men does Achilles kill on screen?
Why is it surprising that Paris kills Achilles?
What is Garrett Hedlund's favourite pastime?
Whose boat arrives last at Troy?
What was one of Brad Pitt's first jobs?
In the end, seriously, was it really worth it?

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