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...contains the lowest and hottest places in North America?
...contains the tallest mountain in the contiguous US? named for a US president? located between Cleveland and Akron?
...contains the deepest lake in the US? the southernmost and westernmost NP? a mere 25 nautical miles from the US's second largest metro area?
...dropped 'Swamp' from its official name when it became a NP? adjacent to Sequoia NP?
...features a mountain that shares its name with the home of the Greek gods? the northernmost NP? the most recent to be declared a NP?
...contains 600 Pueblo cliff dwellings? the largest NP? the largest island in Lake Superior?
FactPark 95% water?
...has a religious-themed name given by Mormon settlers?
...joins Waterton Lakes to form an international park? the easternmost NP?
...borders Mexico? the smallest NP? named for French fur traders?
...was the first NP east of the Mississippi?
...includes the longest cave system in the world?
...contains the highest mountain in North America? on the UNESCO World Heritage in Danger list?
...marks the northern terminus of the Blue Ridge Parkway? the most visited NP?
...was the world's first NP?

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