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'Why spend the 4th in someone else's country?'
'The injustice of our greed'
'Can you point your finger / Can you prove your loyalty'
'What could be romantic to Mike Watt? / He's Only a skeleton.
'I believe when they found the body of General George A Custer / Filled like a porcupine with Indian arrows / He didn't die with any dignity, honour or any valour'
'I know it's paradox, with my dreams'
'Trust or no trust / Trust or no trust/ Trust or no trust'
'Now you got your guitar and your practice amp / You travel USA in a van'
'Over there in Guatemala my friend / We're making mistakes there once again'
'Our band is scientist rock'
'Not one domino shall fall'
'How I remember, the history I have seen'
'Punch in, punch out, 8 hours 5 days'
'You put it together / And you pull it apart'
'Chasing the reasons / Refusing to reason / By listening to reasons'
'I would call it genocide / Any other word would be a lie'
'Manifesto,on my window'
'We are a part / Of a whole / We call the earth'
'I heard one today about the one I love'
'Starting, with the affirmation of man / I work my way backwards, using cynicism'

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