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river of the underworld Aeneas has to cross
river of Troy
the naked priests
a fury sent by Juno to inspire Turnus and Amata with hatred
king of Troy
Turnus' sister, river nymph
the leaping priests of Mars
helmsman of Aeneas' ship
makes Aeneas' shield
the founder of Rome
former Trojan warrior, likes to crop up in dreams
weighs up the lives of Turnus and Aeneas on a scale
warrior princess who helps Turnus
the prophetess of Apollo
son of Evander
lake by the entrance of the underworld
muse invoked in book 7
a Trojan priest, no one believes him
Augustus' birth name
where the Trojans first land in Italy
the ferryman
the burning river of the underworld
son of Priam, found in book 2
a Rutulian opposed to Turnus
inspires Trojan Women to burn ships
Aeneas' dad
Queen of the Latins
annoyed that a storm is sent in book 1
Queen of Carthage
Roman who is in book 6, died too soon
stands on the poop of the ship
Queen of gods, hostile to Trojans
Dido's late husband
buried in book 6
founder of Troy who came from Italy
Greek who deceived the Trojans
accused of being a second Paris
African King, suitor of Dido
former Etruscan king
Aeneas' son
Aeneas' BFF
forced to send a storm in book 1
Roman general defeated by Augustus
killer of Priam
river of Troy
ally of Aeneas, Arcadian King
Egyptian Queen
leader of the Rutulians
King of the Latins
came up with the Trojan Horse idea

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