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''Be vewwy vewwy quiet, We're hunting Elmers.''
''Just one little bird . . . no one'll know the difference . . . then I'll quit!''
'Lucky for him it is a one-horse town.'
'I'm being held prisoner in a Chinese laundry!'
'Keep your eye on the ball-Eye! Ball! Eyeball! That's a joke, son.'
'With friends like Loco Crow, who needs enemies?'
'I'm no clock-watcher!'
'Oh you're a gwutton, Mr. ewephant!'
'You know, we're going to have a terrible time getting all of this food back into the packages!'
'Meep meep!'
'Who were you expecting, Pocahontas?'
'Ah, my little darling, it is love at first sight, is it not, no?'
'This makes me so angry!'

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