Name The Final Fantasy Character By Their Weapon

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Can you name the The Final Fantasy Character By Their Weapon?

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Onion SwordFFIII
Deathbringer, LightbringerFFIV
Abel's Lance, Holy Lance, HighwindFFIV
Lunarian Black MagicFFIV
Brave BladeFFV
Excalipoor, Genji BladeFFV
Buster SwordFFVII
Gimmick ArmFFVII
Revolver, LionheartFFVIII
Mage Masher, The OgreFFIX
Brotherhood, CaladbolgFFX
Katanas (Ultimate Weapon is Masamune)FFX
Chaos Blade, Highway StarFFXII
Zodiac Blade, Blade of KingsFFXII
Blazefire Saber FFXIII

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